les Santolines en Provence
les Santolines en Provence

To find us

Route to follow on your phone or tablet :

Way to les Santolines

502 (ex18) chemin des grandes combes; 84420 Piolenc

- From Orange on the A7 Freeway: (Exit 20 to Piolenc off of freeway A7 is not available heading southward, only northward) 

• Use exit # 21 “Orange-centre” off of the A7/E714, or Exit "Orange" off of the A9/E15 freeway.

• Follow "autres (other) directions", then "Montelimar". Continue on toward "Piolenc" on the N7 (National Road 7).

• Three (3) km after leaving Orange, make a sharp right just before the store " Centrakor ", towards the activity zone of Crepon.

>>  You are now on "Rue des Artisans"

• Take the first left on " Chemin du Crépon " (400 m further)

• Then the next left, 200 m further: "Chemin des grandes combes", then go uphills.

• Once on the top of the hill, our property is the third one on the left.

• Keep in mind, the entrance of our property is located down the driveway on your left, and is barely visible from the street.

· Proceed slowly and turn left just before the small hedge at the base of the electric pole located before reaching #14.

You are now in front of #502 (formerly #18), "les Santolines"!

You may park temporarily to the left of the gate in order to use the intercom.


From Bollene via Nationale (road) 7 (this itinerary is recommended in case of traffic on A7/E714, use freeway exit #19, then follow N7 towards “Orange”).

Drive through the entire city of "Piolenc", towards “Orange”. Make sure to disregard your GPS in the event it directs you to take any turn before exiting the city. Keep on driving straight until you reach the outskirts of Piolenc.

Once you pass the street sign “sortie de Piolenc”, drive on for an additional 2,300 meters -beware of the speed limit (70 km/h).

Notice the freeway entrance on your right (do not take the on-ramp), then the "Château du Cirque" property of the Gruss brothers. Next is the Piolenc artisanal zone on your left.

Take the next left on "rue des Artisans", before reaching the "Centrakor" store.

Refer to the above-listed itinerary and follow the directions starting at >>.


Our GPS coordinates: N 44.16878; E 4.76966


our phone: 0033 9 61 27 80 98


Contact & réservation

les Santolines en Provence

502 Chemin des grandes combes

F - 84420 Piolenc

Tél. 0033 (0)9 61 27 80 98




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Tourisme Piolenc
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